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Configuring your address outline

Step 1.

Search for your address in the address search bar and select your address.

Step 2.

You can add any notes for this address. These tend to be notes that won't change from service. It could be an identifiable part of your house (such as garage door color, or mailbox color) or something else about your house that won't change.

Step 3.

Under Front Yard, select the Configure Button.

Tap on the screen to place a "Point". This point is the starting base for your outline. You want to start in a corner part of your yard and work either clockwise or counter clockwise tapping on the screen to place another "Point".

For Example, I have started with my Front Yard and placed two starting points

I will now work in a clockwise motion to continue along the outline of my yard.

Once you have sectioned off part of your front yard, if you have more sections, go ahead and click on the plus icon.

Step 4: Removing an old section.

If you want to remove an old section, just click on the section you want to remove (as long as you aren't currently configuring a section) and delete it.

Step 5: 

Repeat the process for all parts of your yard


Example of a Good & Poorly outlined yard

An Example of a good outline

An Example of a bad outline

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