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Verify Address

We are now requiring a few more details about your addresses in order to provide you the best service. If you have an older address that is missing some vital information, this screen will pop up asking you to confirm some information.

Address Notes:

These notes are shown to your Mowr Partner at the time of service. It's best to put notes in here that won't change from service to service. This can be an identifiable part of your house, or something else.

Verify Address Screen


Obstructions are part of your yard that might impede the Partners ability to perform the service. They are just additive information of things to be cautious of.

These obstructions are separated between the front yard and the back yard, so if your address has both outlined, you will see both options on this screen.

Additionally, you can add more notes for those parts of your address. For example, for your front yard you can add "Be mindful of the flowers planted around the large tree"


Once you feel satisfied go ahead and Update the address, and you are all set.

You can edit this information again at any time by going to Account -> My Addresses -> Selecting the Address in Question -> Front Yard / Back Yard -> Configure.

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