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Upcoming Jobs

As a user, when you schedule a service for a house at a specific time, your job will now be under the 'My Jobs' tab at the bottom.

** It is your responsibility to delete the service if you no longer want it serviced. Even if it goes past its scheduled time, it will still be visible to partners.

Awaiting Pickup

When your first book your job, it will be in an Awaiting Pickup state while waiting for a Mowr Partner to pickup your service.

During this state, you can change the Date & Time of the service by tapping on the service and selecting "Change Scheduled Date"

Picked Up

Once your service has been picked up, in the lower right hand corner, you will see the name of the partner.

At this point you can no longer change the date of the service as it's an agreed upon time by both you and the partner.

You can still cancel the service if you need to.

Past Due

Lastly, if you see Past Due it means that the service is now past the scheduled date. You can simply change the date if the partner hasn't picked it up yet.

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